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These are some wonderful and fun puzzles that supplement any school or homeschool curriculum for Math, Logic, Problem Solving, Focus and/or Creativity.

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This game appeals to all ages, a wonderdul family and educational game. A player roles the dice and tries to eliminate all the numbers. Great for younger kids just learning how to add.

A wonderful family and educational game that is great for traveling. This game is over 700 years old and appeals to all ages. Roll the dice & use either adding or multiplying to take combinations off the board. Full instructions included.

A math skills game for any number of players. High quality hardwood construction with wood burned numbers that will last a lifetime. This 1-48 version is a versatile box that can also be used to play 4 different versions of Shut Box. It is a terrific math learning game.

#1-9 using just addition, pre-K to grade 2 (ages 4+)

#1-12 using addition multiplication, grades 3 to 5 (ages 9+)

#1-24 using addition & multiplication with simple complex equations, grades 4 to 7 (ages 10+)

#1-48 using all 4 math operations with complex equations (uses 4 dice), grades 5+ (ages 11+)

This is perhaps the most versatile puzzle we sell. 7 unique pieces must be fitted together to from a cube. It is not super difficult since there are 240 ways to do it. Comes in a wood box & includes a sheet with many other shapes these pieces can make.

A challenging & beautiful puzzle from 1883. Can you move the tower (one ring at a time) to another peg without ever placing a larger ring on top of a smaller ring? The minimum number of moves for this 9 ring version is 511. Includes a wooden box.

Woodie Man is the original transformer. He is lots of fun for children. His arms, legs, and head will twist about in many different ways. Turn him into a box or a dog or a flying superhero. Develops creativity, dexterity and focus in a fun way. Woodie is made up of hardwoords, no paint or coatings. Size: 8" tall.

Goal: Slide the large block out the slot by shuffling other pieces around strategically. Requires at least 115 moves! There are 10 other puzzles to solve with different starting configurations. Includes a lid which makes it a favorite puzzle for travelers.

Can you make a perfect capital "T" from just 4 pieces? Everyone thinks they will solve it quickly, but few actually do. Comes with a wooden box. Additionally, there are about 20 other shapes to be solved with these same 4 pieces. Great value!

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